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Smart Lock-down helped a lot in controlling Corona

In Pakistan, smart lock-downs’ positive results began to decrease in The Koruna, 111 cases reported in 24 hours, and 32 patients were reported, followed by 2,77,402 cases and 5924 deaths. The National Command and Operations Center has released new data on the situation in the country, according to details. The NCOC says that in 24

Latest cases of The Coronavirus in Pakistan

The number of cases of the Krona virus has gone up to 276288 across the country. So far, 5892 people have died of the Krona virus, and 244883 have returned home from hospitals to recover. Health emergency is in place in all the country’s provinces, including Gilgit Baltistan and Independent Kashmir, and some private hospitals,

Pakistan’s Corona patient numbers reduced to 31405

Islamabad – According to official data in Pakistan, new cases and deaths in Koruna have been declining for the past several days, and the number of active cases in the country has dropped to just 31,405. According to the National Command and Operations Center, there were 21,256 tests conducted in The Country in the past