Smart Lock-down helped a lot in controlling Corona

In Pakistan, smart lock-downs’ positive results began to decrease in The Koruna, 111 cases reported in 24 hours, and 32 patients were reported, followed by 2,77,402 cases and 5924 deaths.

The National Command and Operations Center has released new data on the situation in the country, according to details.

The NCOC says that in 24 hours, 1114 koruna cases were reported in the country, followed by 25347 points of the country’s active instances.

The National Command and Operations Center says that in 24 hours, 32 patients of The Country-Wide Coruna have died of the Koruna virus, while 2,46,131 patients have been cured.

According to statistics, 21628 tests of the country were conducted in 24 hours, 19,52,730 koruna tests have been completed, and the number of cases reported so far is 2,77,402.

In 734 hospitals across the country, 1850 patients of Koruna are under-treated, 1859 venti-letters are prescribed for The Country’s Coruna patients, 224 of The Koruna patients are under-treated on venti-letter.

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