Punjab Approves Underground Storage Project For Rainy Water

Punjab Chief Minister has approved the launch of the Underground Storage Project of Rainy Water in other cities, which will also enable drinking water to be cleaned and watered.

According to the details, Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bzdar took another revolutionary decision in the high-level meeting, taking essential steps to improve the province.

The high-level meeting decided to expand the scope of the underground storage project of the rainwater, the Prime Minister approved the launch in other cities.

Addressing the meeting, Sardar Usman Bzdar said that underground tanks would be built in major cities, including Lahore, and the water stored will be used for the harvested culture, and the water will be cleaned and made able to drink.

“There are storage tanks built to store 1.4 million gallons of water in Lahore, the storage line will be set up from Thelark Colony to Gulshan Ravi, working for the Sarfis Water Trightment Plant in Lahore,” he said.

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