Next Four five months are months of big decisions: Fawad Chaudhry

Four or five months are the prime minister’s major decisions, says Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fouad Chaudhry.

“The two resignation stake-ins have given special positions, The ngo of Tanya Edros was running, they resigned because of this,” Fouad Chaudhry said, speaking on the Geo-Pak program.

“The issue of import of medicine from India is more concerned with health finance division, and the importance of drugs from India is not related to Dr. Zafarmirzaka.

Fouad Chaudhry said that he could not expect any reform other than Imran Khan. The prime minister had already given the decision before the crucial choices, four to five months are the prime minister’s major decisions.

Imran Ismail has concerns about Karachi, the Sindh government talks about THE FC, but the Sindh government is not ready to provide facilities when all districts are not funded, Sindh problems will not be solved, the federal minister added.

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