Technical training for Pakistanis, Pakistan, and Germany to reach 3 million Euros

Islamabad : (The World News) – Pakistani workers will be able to start small businesses with a grant of 3 million euros from Germany, said Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari, the Prime Minister’s Assistant Special For Overseas Pakistanis.

This assistance will be used for technical training and ease of business. Addressing a function here at the Ministry of Overses on Wednesday, he said that Pakistanis who lost their jobs due to The Koruna will be restored.

“The assistance provided by Germany will also provide small business loans to those coming from abroad,” he said.

“This is an important step in providing opportunities for people who work abroad all their lives,” Said Zalfi Bukhari. I ask, “What are you doing for Pakistanis from abroad?” I say today that we are taking steps to facilitate people coming from abroad.

The agreement would help micro-financing youth, he said. This agreement would have been made long ago but the coruna was late. This agreement is very important for the rehabilitation of Pakistanis. This agreement will help restore these Pakistanis.

“His UAE visit was a success,” Said Alfi Bukhari, who briefed the Prime Minister on the UAE visit. 60,000 Pakistanis are trapped in uae. He was the first minister of the people who visited the UAE.

Speaking at the ceremony, German Ambassador Bernard Schlock said Germany would help Pakistanis get jobs again. Under the agreement, technical support will be given to the Overses Pakistanis Foundation. Germany will help Pakistanis in technical training.

“Pakistani youth will be trained in the hotel and tourism sector,” he said. Pakistanis will be given a German language course. This agreement will boost the Pakistani job market.

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