People’s Party and (n) League trying to use each other, Says Al-Hasan Chouhan

Lahore: (DINNA NEWS) Provincial Information Minister Fa’ad al-Hasan Chouhan has said that the People’s Party and the (N) League are not willing to trust each other, both parties are using each other.

In his statement, he said that Maulana Fazal rahman played the role of agent in the meeting between Balawal Bhutto and Shahbaz Sharif, who is in the race to re-impose the multi-crore.

Talking about the situation in The Koruna virus, the provincial minister said the last 10 days of the lockdown on Eidalfatwere were mild, causing caution and a spurt in cases.

“Now the last battle against the Koruna virus is, bear it patiently,” he said. If the idala-e-dahi is softened, the next 8 months will be difficult.

Shahbaz Sharif did not appear to be standing with the public in one of the quarantine centers, the provincial minister said, criticizing the opposition leader, saying that he had visited a district in front of The Karuna.

Speaking on the economic situation, he said that in the present situation, the past governments are opening up with teeth. 10 years of policies and decisions make the economy in good and bad condition. The good and bad conditions of any economy are not with two four-year policies.

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